The delivery and Pick-Up Service is usually carried out in marked Rings.

To deliver outside the rings, please contact us and agree with the staff.

Deposit: € 150,00 for any displacement

1 day rental – 24h – Driving license B copy for Scooter
(example: start of rental time 11:00, late rental 11:00 am on the day of success)

These prices refer to the delivery and pickup of 1 scooter.

If the number is higher, you can easily calculate it by adding € 10.00 for each additional scooter

For example:

Delivery and pickup at Costa Merlata:

for 1 scooter – € 20.00

for 2 – € 30.00

for 3 – € 40.00 …

up to a maximum of 5 scooters.

For more Scooters please contact us.